Student Council & Cells

Student Council & Cells

Knowledge Sharing Club

Knowledge sharing club has been started for sharing best practices in an effective way to improve the performance by encouraging and fostering a knowledge sharing culture of the students. It helps in learning to work as a team which is one of the most essential factors in one’s career. This club helps to know about themselves, their strengths and their goals better. Under the knowledge sharing club, we have two cells- Competitive Examination Cell and Career Counselling Cell that are actively working. Through these two cells, we are providing information regarding various competitive exams to our students and helping them to grab the opportunities for their bright future.


The Legal Aid Club 

The Legal Aid Club has been formed in the college to provide free legal service (for the conduct of a case or a legal proceeding in any court) and promote justice and equality. To make the students aware about their rights and responsibilities, some national and international days like- National Girl Child day, International Democracy Day, Constitution Day, World Day of Social Justice, National Voter’s Day etc. are celebrated in the college yearly.


Youth club

Youth club in the college in an instrument to develop life skills, build self-esteem, develop self-confidence and resilience and also counter negative emotions of stress and fear.      Youth club utilizes college resources like- Play ground and Sports equipment, library, Music and art rooms, Auditorium for Co-scholastic and recreational activities like drama, debate, arts, sports and games, music etc. It also organizes workshop and training sessions for the overall growth of students.


Grievance Redressal Cell

The grievance redressal cell aims to look into the complaints lodged by any student and redress it as per requirement. So that the students can state their grievance regarding any academic and non- academic issues with in the campus through online and suggestion Box. Thus, this cell is providing a platform to the students where they can raise their voice for the concerning issues. This cell is also working in the matter of health and general awareness among students.


Training & Placement Cell 

This cell continuously strives to help students in pursuing their career goals by acquiring employment- seeking skills and ultimately to attain desired employment. Thus, the coordinator of this cell provides students with valuable insights into industry expectations skill demands and future career trends, ensuring that they are well- prepared for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. This placement cell typically functions by first identifying industries that match the academic background of students. Then they invite those industries to visit the college for training and career guidance. Also, we have a tie up with some popular agencies/companies who comes to our college annually for taking training and employment purposes.


Alumni Cell

Alumni cell serves as mentors to current students, providing guidance and insights into career choices and professional development. For this purpose, our college organizes career development workshops, guest lecturers or alumni interaction sessions to help current students make informed decisions about their future. In short, the college alumni cell strives to strengthen the bonds between our alumni, faculty and students by facilitating the exchange of quality ideas and perspectives.


Social Sensitization Cell

Social sensitization cell has been formed in the college to provide an integrated and interdisciplinary approach to understand the concept of cultural and societal norms. This cell aims at breaking gender stereotypes and making the campus a safe space for the students with different gender and sexual identities (It means free from gender- based discrimination). To promote the gender sensitization among students, various activities like- Workshops, Seminars, Guest Lecturers, Poster Exhibitions and counselling etc. are the organized time to time in college campus.


Red Ribbon Club

Red ribbon club is aiming at heightening their risk perception and prevention HIV as well as promoting Blood Donation among youth. The motto of this club is “Prevention is better than cure”. Therefore, it is meant for the awareness and prevention of drug abuse and drunk driving. Several activities and programmes like- awareness lectures, rallies, competitions, poster exhibitions and campaigns etc. are organizing in the college campus under this club annually.


English Literary Club

English literary Club is a forum where students share their insights on politics, philosophy, spirituality, philanthropy etc. Therefore, it is a place where students are free to think, read and write on the topics of their interest and choice. With the support of English Literary club, our college is providing a platform to students through activities, hands- on experiences and promises to cultivate a passion for quizzing, debating, creative writing, literature, elocution etc. to enhance their literary and communication skills for imbibing a sense of confidence among them.


Business Studies Club

To enrich and empower the academic/technical excellence, the Department of commerce has established Business Studies Club. It organizes wide range of activities/programs/events for the students to enhance the well-being and holistic development. Throughout the entire academic year, this club conducts several activities like- Debates, Ad Mad, Stock Mock, Financial analysis group discussions and interview models etc. to meet the practical challenges in the current business scenario.


Skill Development Cell

Skill development cell of the college is working efficiently to encompass a broad range of soft skills (Such as communication) critical thinking, team work and hard skills like technical proficiency. To train youth for enhancing their Employment/Self-Employment opportunities, this cell is also providing Value Added Courses (VAC) like- Digital literary, English for public speaking and presentation skills with One-month duration to the students. Along with it, currently there are two courses- Spoken English, Social Media and Internet safety (that are free of cost) running in the college for upskilling the students for getting jobs opportunities.


Punjabi Sahit Sabha 

Punjabi Sahit Sabha is a society of Punjabi department to organise various functions and competitions to develop taste of students for literature. To aware the students about new trends in Punjabi literature various activities like- essay writing, story writing, poetical symposium are conducting under this society. Thus, we have created a platform for the students who have deep affinity for Punjabi language and want to learn more about Punjabi culture and literature with its background.


LKC IT Club 

LKC IT CLUB is a basically formed to enhance the skill level of students who want to do more activity with their talent in the field of computer technology and network. It helps the students to develop the technical knowledge for their holistic personality development for getting corporate and industry exposure. LKC IT CLUB is conducting regular events and programs like- workshops, seminars, inter and intra college quizzes, competitions and gaming sessions to educate the students about new digital economy.


Girl Students Welfare Association

It is formed in the college to empower girl students, to address all issues related to females and make the college campus a safe place for them. This association provides modern and vocational education to make our girl students self- sufficient and self- reliant for enhancing their status. With the support of welfare association, Girl students can achieve their full potential, both academically and personally because it provides a platform to voice their opinions, concerns and suggestions. To support and promote Women Empowerment among students, various activities like-celebrating International Women’s Day, Teej celebrations, Guest Lectures on Uplift Women’s Status and Expert Talks on Personal Hygiene etc. are organized in the college yearly.


Student Council 

Student council is formed for the growth of college and its students where students can become involved in the affairs of college, working in partnership with the management and staff and learn how to manage teams and communicate effectively. The motive of student council is to develop plan and complete initiatives and activities that will benefit the college, students, faculty and administration. It promotes social- cultural responsibility for the betterment of students and create an environment where every student can voice out their concern or need.